Could it be that part of the reason that black girls are more likely to be punished at school is because teachers see them as older and less “innocent” than white girls?

Article: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/young-black-girls-less-innocent-study_us_59526e51e4b05c37bb7982d2?ncid=APPLENEWS00001

Listen to Dr. Bruce Hoskins as he breaks down that, even if we only counted reported rapes, the research SCREAMS that we are living in a culture that normalizes sexual assault/rape.

Article: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/abigail-breslin-just-revealed-why-she-never-reported-her-sexual-assaulted_us_58fdf901e4b018a9ce5cd0ae?ncid=APPLENEWS00001

Dr. Bruce Hoskins questions who Affirmative Action really hurts and who it really helps as the Department of Justice considers getting rid of this policy.

The next installment of Is “This Racist” examines the comments that Shia Labeouf make to a black police officer after being arrested for public intoxication (amongst other things).

Listen to Dr. Bruce Hoskins talk about how white supremacy is perpetuated by skin care companies that promote whiteness as THE standard of beauty.

Dr. Bruce Hoskins wonders why interracial marriages are still considered taboo in our society and proposes some solutions to make these marriages more common place.

Listen to how Dr. Bruce Hoskins breaks down how a “good” white person who says that they are “colorblind” or even an “ally” could perpetuate systematic racism and white supremacy.

Dr. Bruce Hoskins talks about the death of Frank Fuentes, a “dreamer”, who died trying to get back into the US so that he could pursue a college education.

Episode 5

– A black person imprisoned for sexual assault is 3.5 times more likely to be innocent than a white inmate convicted on similar charges
– Half of all defendants exonerated for murder are black ― a rate seven times that for innocent whites
– While black and white Americans use illicit substances at about the same rate, African Americans are about five times more likely to go to prison for drug possession as whites.
Possible Solutions:
– Train police to take an “innocent until proven guilty” approach for ALL people, especially black people
– Criminal consequences for misconduct – eye for an eye!
– Substantial compensation for victim – right now there is practically no help for victims. Free board, education and monthly stipend for as long as they were in prison
Article: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/exonerations-race_us_58bdd7d2e4b09ab537d5faa2

Episode 4

– Body camera evidence backs up the possibility that this happens more than we all thinkPossible solutions:
– Three strikes and you are out
o First offense – 1 month suspension without pay
o Second offense – 1 year suspension without pay
o Third offense – you are not allowed to work in law enforcement EVER
Article: https://www.buzzfeed.com/claudiakoerner/another-police-body-camera-video-allegedly-shows-officers?utm_term=.we1vpGAM5#.cpDVWgNLE

Episode 3

Rationale to kill – here is were bias in presentation happens
-They expressed a desire to kill law enforcement (only 28% of the sample)
-They felt as if they were going to lose their freedom by going back to prison
– Dallas, TX and Baton Rouge, LA only account for 2 of the 14 assailants that killed police officers with this rationale. What about the other 12? I am confident that there are white people in this mix, but they are not even mentioned
– An example of good data, but bias presentation and poor assumptions
Article: http://lawofficer.com/special-topics/the-assailant-study-mindsets-and-behaviors/

Episode 2

  • Although Wonder Woman was hailed as a feminist movie it was completely dominated by men.
  • How do you make Wonder Woman a co-star in her own freaking movie?
    • Steve Trevor was more important than Wonder Woman in the movie. The climactic scene in the movie was when Steve died NOT when Wonder Woman fought Aries.
    • Mansplain – Sameer literally explained why Wonder Woman is Wonder Woman rather than Wonder Woman explaining why she is who she is.
    • They made Zeus her “father” rather than Aphrodite or Athena her mother
    • They used her innocence to shut her up rather than drive the movie. If you want a counter movie, think about how Forrest Gump’s innocence drove his movie.
  • So this is how patriarchy works to eliminate the voices of women, even Wonder Woman

Episode 1

Three general rules to figure out if something is racist:

  • Did they use a historically oppressive word or stereotype?
  • Is it meant to limit, dismiss or dehumanize an entire group of people?
  • Can you link what was said or done to statistically demonstrable patterns of discrimination?
  • Student posts a photo of classmates on Craigslist and labels it ‘slaves for sale’
  • In our society, ALL of us are socialized to believe White Supremacy along with male-domination, homophobia/transphobia and to favor the wealthy elite.
  • Is the person racist? Determining if someone is racist is ALL based on INTENT not ACTION. In other words, does the person believe what they said?
  • TWO general rules to figure out if something is racist:
    • Was there a sincere apology?
    • Did that specific behavior/practice stop immediately?