Dr. Bruce C. Hoskins,  a professor of Sociology at MiraCosta Community  College, is an Oceanside, California native.  Like the students he teaches, his educational journey started at a community college. After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Ethnic Studies, he discovered his passion for the subject and for teaching. This led him to earn a Ph.D. in Sociology with an emphasis on race & ethnic relations and multiracial identity formation from the University of Southern California.

Beyond teaching, Dr. Hoskins continues to research multiracial identity formation and in the Fall of 2011 he published the book, Asian American Racial Realities in Black and White. His text examines how people of Asian/white and Asian/black descent experience race. He is also a spoken word/hip hop artist who has released two albums with poetry/hip hop pieces that cover his experiences as a husband, father, son, professor and mentor. All of the professor’s works can be purchased through his Store page.

Dr. Hoskins is also a dynamic and passionate creator and presenter of workshops regarding diversity and has covered topics including, but not limited to: the social construction of race; multiracial identity formation; the concept of privilege and how it works; defining diversity and acceptance; the use of poetry to create a better self construct; and teaching and learning in a hip hop culture. More information about Dr. Hoskins’ workshops can be found on his Workshops page.

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